About Us

People’s Environment Council (PEC) is a Srinagar based non-profit organization registered as a Trust. PEC’s core objective is to contribute towards human wellbeing with a focus on environmental issues which demand attention of environmental specialists, policy-makers and people at large. Our organization aims is to identify environmental challenges in the local and regional context and create awareness which can inform policy and practice vis-à-vis environmental conservation and sustainability.
At a time when climate change poses a huge threat to people and public resources globally, PEC believes that climate crisis needs to be confronted collectively and the solutions and adaptive measures need to be thought about globally as well as locally. In this backdrop, PEC is committed to play its role in conserving land, water and forest resources of our region as
also in other parts of the Himalayas besides doing its bit to ensure peoples’ right to clean air and healthy environment becomes a priority in policy-making.
Our organization believes that involvement of local communities is crucial for devising and implementing solutions to environmental problems at global as well as regional levels and, therefore, the communities need to be engaged accordingly. PEC has a clear-cut policy to work that way!